Ray-Ban has just launched its new Carbon Fibre sunglass line, the Ray-Ban Tech collection. This new series offers superlight and sturdy glasses, ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

In the Ray-Ban Tech Carbon Fibre Collection, the wrap-around temples are made of reinforced polyester resin sheets, composed of seven layers, all of which are made of carbon fibre mixed with resin. Each sheet is water-cut to suit even the slimmest of temples. The result of this patented process is a frame that is extremely lightweight, sturdy, flexible and exceptionally durable.

The P3 (polycarbonate) and P 3PLUS (crystal) lenses guarantee exceptional polarization with more vivid and high-def colors. An antireflective coating is also applied to eliminate glare and fully protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

All the lenses must pass the impact test “Drop ball Test”: a 16-millimeter steel ball is dropped onto the lenses from a height of 1.27 meters. Furthermore, the hydro-oleophobic coating means that lenses are permanently protect against water and oily agents such as perspiration and fingerprints. Instead of adhering to lenses, water simply slides off, making Ray-Ban Tech ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

The first Ray-Ban Tech models will be available as of July for €170 at retail.

—Maria Cristina Pavarini