Action sports brand Quiksilver will host a sensational event, as part of its 40th anniversary, on Nov. 20-21 in Paris. The Grand Palais will open its gates to welcome followers of the skateboard art and music scene, with a large vertical ramp set up inside for Tony Hawk, the iconic skateboarder-cum-unbeatable idol of the X-Games-turned-video-game producer, entrepreneur, radio- and tv-moderator. The impressive street course will also serve as a platform for a contest, demos and other sessions. About 5,500 guests are expected, including Kelly Slater, Robby Naish, Tom Carroll, Mark Richards, Mathieu Crépel, Jérémy Florès, Christian Hosoi, Travis Rice and Lisa Andersen, but before Hawk rushes the stage on Nov. 21, the event promises to unveil another live act to remain secret until the day of. Another main attraction will be the graffiti artist André, famous for his “love graffiti.” The artist is expected to change the ramp into work of art, while Dave Duncan emcees the show.

—Helena Sauer