Qi Cashmere, a seven-year-old New York-based contemporary knitwear company, is launching a new, more affordable line starting for spring 2010 called Victim of Circumstance or VOC for short.

Conceived by Qi Cashmere President and owner Jean Kolloff and designed by Phillip Noel, a Parsons graduate who formerly worked at ADAM, the line will have two deliveries per season with 15 items per delivery. Although VOC uses precious fabrics and knits, including fringed suede for jackets and skirts, it will retail in the $150 to $300 range. The premiere collection’s color palette will include white, cream, light brown, soft mint and pale orange.

Qi Cashmere Marketing Manager Kosi Harris says the collection takes its name from the fact that “we are all a victim in some way — the obvious victim is the fashion victim. And the current economy makes us all of victim of the current situation.”

—Christopher Blomquist