Winnie Andersen, Design Manager at Jack & Jones, talks about the Bestseller Group brand's latest line addition, Premium by Jack & Jones, and convincing Academy Award winner Christopher Walken to star in the label's new "Made from Cool" campaign. Interview by Maria Hunstig

There hasn’t really been a lot of marketing to announce your new label Premium by Jack & Jones. Don’t you want it to be clearly distinguished from the classic Jack & Jones brand by consumers?
We are a part of Jack & Jones and we see that as one of our big strengths. The collection will always be very different from the other Jack & Jones brands, because we have a different strategy and target group.  The “Made from Cool” campaign was to show that Jack & Jones is more than jeanswear and to put focus on the Premium by Jack & Jones brand.

A jacket from the Premium by Jack & Jones collection
A jacket from the Premium by Jack & Jones collection
Who does the new Premium line address? Is it a different customer than the regular Jack& Jones client?
The Premium by Jack & Jones target group is 25-45 years old. The Premium by Jack & Jones customer is a quality and detail oriented guy, who appreciates craftsmanship. It can be regular Jack & Jones customers who have just come to a stage in life where their wardrobe requires more than a t-shirt & jeans. Moreover we are also targeting at new customers, who appreciate good quality and style before fashion.

Did the label launch globally?
In all Jack & Jones markets, yes.

How is it distributed?
Via e-commerce and Jack & Jones retail shops as well as via wholesale customers and shop-in-shops.

Shall the Premium line offer you entrance to a new, higher class segment of stores?
The Premium by Jack and Jones collection is upgraded and at a high level when it comes to workmanship, quality and style. Therefore we will approach the right partner for that look.

Why do you think now is the right time to launch a tailored, higher priced clothing line?
The market trend is in favor of dressing well. There is homage to classic menswear, good quality and craftsmanship. Premium by Jack and Jones captures all these elements.

Where do you produce the Jack & Jones Premium garments?
They are produced in Europe and Asia.

The Made from Cool campaign with Christopher Walken has received a lot of attention. In which countries and via which media channels is it played?
It is played in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Estonia. It can be seen in the cinema, in outdoor and print media, online, in social media and in the stores.

How did you convince Walken to be part of the campaign (as he isn’t really doing many commercials)?
We tailored the project around him and when presented to the ideas he must have felt challenged and convinced that the project was cool enough and right for him.

Is Made from Cool rather a catchy thing for the press or do you think the campaign will really reach the end consumer and make him buy?
The goal was to create Brand awareness. We made the campaign to make the customers curious about Premium by Jack & Jones and invite them to see our collections. Surely hoping that they would find something they would fancy to buy.