Right after the International Woolmark Prize (IWP) 2015 was given to US label Public School in London, we spoke Woolmark’s managing director Stuart McCullough about his opinion on the winner of the IWP, current wool trends and future plans of the company. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

What do you like the most about the Public School collection, winner of the menswear International Woolmark Price 2015?
All the members of the jury have brought a different approach to the judging. In my opinion, I was quite interested in the innovation, the below-the-waist structures and how they used wool in a complete different way. The second element is the commercial potential of the collection. I can imagine some of the garments being placed in some of the biggest sportswear goods retailers’ stores.

What are the current hottest trends for wool in the upcoming season?
Deconstructed soft tailoring, sportswear apparel and more casual products.

Do you have any new cooperation with sportswear, activewear and jeanswear brands in sight?
We’re working with all the big sports brands: Nike, Adidas. They are very interested in bringing natural fibers to their collections. We collaborated with Levi’s in a denim fiber with a percentage of wool on it last year. There are no specific partnerships on sight now, though we maintain on-going relations with jeanswear brands.

Currently, the list of retailers with whom the Woolmark Company is partnering includes names such as Harvey Nichols and Colette. Do you plan any new addition in 2015?
We have a partner in each market and want to continue working with them. If any of them drop out, then we’ll look for a new one. For the International Woolmark Prize, these retailers bring out their wisdom within the judging panel to see whether something is sellable or not.

Last November the Woolmark Company launched an online marketplace with the domain merino.com to allow consumers to browse wool clothing and accessories from third-party retailers worldwide. Who do you want to address with this platform?
We got a lot of people asking where they can buy wool. Thus we created this platform to make things easier for the consumer through this wool-products aggregator.