Beginning of June, Levi’s and Google have unveiled their new partnership on Project Jaquard, a new system for weaving technology into fabric, transforming everyday objects, like clothes, into interactive surfaces (also see here). Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation Levi Strauss & Co explains the background, the vision and chances of this partnership. Interview by Melanie Gropler

Why does Levi’s cooperate with Google for Project Jacquard?
Just as the Levi’s copper rivet reinvented work wear for miners during the gold rush, innovation today must confront the new challenges of our hyper-digital world. Both brands bring something very special to the table. The Levi’s brand brings deep knowledge and understanding of apparel, our consumers and what they value. Google brings advanced knowledge of the technologies, platforms and digital systems needed to make wearables a viable possibility.

Being that we are both international and global companies based in San Francisco, we share a similar energy based around this idea of pioneering. The opportunity for us to collaborate really just made sense.

What vision does Levi’s have regarding wearable technologies and wearable devices?
As the wearable tech category continues to expand, wearable/smart textiles have begun to emerge more as a topic of conversation. There is a chance that clothing can do a lot more than just help carry our phones, and Jacquard integration can help enable the function. I am excited for Levi’s to be distinguished and to help be Google’s pioneer partner.

What pieces and clothes will Levi’s concretely present and what is the consumer able to do with them?
We invented the original blue jean more than 140 years ago and being an original means staying true to our heritage while innovating for the future. Jacquard is a digital sensing textile that combines a tactile, fully integrated and woven interface with digital applications to enhance specific consumer experiences. Jacquard is a new raw material and platform you can wear. It can extend the functionality of your clothes.