With more than 200 footwear styles available, Crocs is far more than just a producer of funny-looking plastic clogs. We spoke to Megan Welch, SR Director Merchandising & Marketing at Crocs, about which silhouettes the brand focusses on right now and what the ugly shoe trend does for them. Interview by Maria Hunstig

Do you think that the current “ugly shoe trend” does good for you?
Well, this never hurts! Of course a trend like that is helpful but it will fade away eventually like all fashion trends. So we are not targeting fashionistas especially but try to maintain a more sustainable growth.

Which are your focus products for spring/summer 2015?
One of our focus topics is called Busy Day, a selection of casual neoprene shoes and trainers to be worn everyday by mums and their families. Then we are pushing our boat shoes, which is true to our heritage because our Croslite boat shoes can actually get wet without being harmed in any way.  Then we have a new innovation: our Stretch Sole, which is composed of individual Croslite pods, bound together by a stretch cord. Together with a stretch canvas upper, these confortable shoes are extremely flexible and stretchy, allowing a shoe size above and below to fit in. And lastly we are really proud of our Translucents collection, a line of huarache-inspired wedges, sandals and flats in bright colors, which are perfect for women who want to wear Crocs but like less bulky and more feminine silhouettes.

Does that mean that you are trying to lose the image of being a funny rubber clog brand?
We are not ashamed that we have a funny looking shoe! We still make around 50% of global sales with our classic clogs; in Europe the ratio is even higher. We’re not trying to be something that we’re not, all of our products have to stay true to our core values comfort, fun, colour and innovation. A lot of brands offer comfort, but the fun part makes Crocs special. Of course we are aiming for some more high fashion stores, too. For instance we have a cooperation with Mondo Guerra, the runner-up of Project Runway All Stars Season 1, which sold out in the US in a few days. With projects like this one, we are lifting ourselves to a new level. We will continue to seek out partnerships with partners that make sense and who share our fun attitude. (MH)