The founders/designers of this multi award-winning line were also recently named the new creative directors of DKNY. However, they declined to discuss their work there until after their first collection debuts in September….Interview by Christopher Blomquist

How has winning the first International Woolmark Prize for Menswear affected Public School’s business?
MO: Especially on the PR side it really helped get a lot of international press and also when you win the Woolmark Prize you get into some accounts that you wouldn’t sell to normally. To get into some doors that we don’t really sell was really huge for us.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for young designers these days?
MO: Cash flow.
DYC: I think for young designers it’s just finding a point of difference between all the other of millions of lines out there. It’s tough to run a small business. From the infrastructure to the cash needs it’s really something that is tough to manage something really small.  So it’s like staying afloat while your business grows and getting to a point where your distribution is big enough so that you can do more things and operate in a healthier way. God knows that we’ve been through that.  I think it’s just getting through the first three to five years.

What are your thoughts on the new separate New York Men’s Fashion Week launching this July?
DYC: It’s great. We’ve been so used to having the show in September we just have to plan ahead. I think it’s good.  I think it’s good for New York. And when they get everyone’s calendar synched up and figure it all out I think it will be good for the city and menswear.