In context of the ISPO trade show in Munich, we got the chance to see the new fall/winter 2015 collection of women’s streetwear label Nikita. Divided into two different themes, ‘Contours’ provides a more sophisticated look while ‘Bold Balance’ features youthful styles with strong lines, saturated prints and colors. Additionally, a range of technical activewear for multiactive customers is also available. Here’s our chat with Nikita’s founder and head of design Heida Birgisdottir about the brand’s new range and how to keep it desirable for both younger and mature consumer segments. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

What have been the inspiration sources for the collection?
It was mainly like the Icelandic nature and its contour lines. As you can see in many of the patterns and colors, they reproduce the rough landscape of my homeland.

The rough landscape of Iceland is the main inspiration source for fall/winter styles
The rough landscape of Iceland is the main inspiration source for fall/winter styles
What materials have you used mostly?
I like more natural fabrics than synthetics. Cotton is the key material. Then we have played a lot with textures and rough surfaces in all garments. I love the touch and feeling!

Nikita has been in the market for a while –the company was born in the late 90s– so now you must have a wide age-spectrum of consumers. What are they looking for and how does this affect the design process?
The design process is a little bit modified. The pieces targeting a younger segment are more heritage products of the brand. Then there’s a range that’s perhaps more classic with solid colors who will fit better a woman in my age (laughs).

How big is Nikita’s design team? How many products does the collection feature?
It’s mainly me and a graphic designer who works with me in Iceland. We produce for this season around 60 different pieces.

What trends do you think will go big for womenswear in 2015?
Mm… I’m not really following up trends. Not even when conceiving my designs for Nikita. I nurture myself from research and what got my eyes’ attention in a daily life. However, I have the feeling that oversized apparel and wide-silhouettes are becoming ‘mainstream’ in womenswear. You don’t necessarily have to wear tight to look actually sexy.