In regard of the Cheap Monday x Teenage Engineering collaboration launch –a collection featuring pocket operators, three printed t-shirts, a set of pins and the case for a pocket synthesizer-, we had a talk with Hakan Ström, chief operating officer (COO) of the denim brand. He shared with us his view on the future of coupling fashion & technology and the label’s wholesale growth focus on the US in 2015. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

Why did Cheap Monday decide to team up with an electronics company like Teenage Engineering? 
Cheap Monday has since the start, had an ambition to expand into new fields of business where we could combine something modern with a great price to be sold in the best stores. In our meetings with Teenage Engineering we felt an instant match between our brands.
Music has always been a part of Cheap Monday and of our fans. By bringing this product to the market we make it possible for everyone to create their own music in an easy and cheap way. It´s exciting to be a part of that.

How do you see the future of pairing fashion and technology? 
Technology is already a part of fashion. Both in terms of what you can buy in a fashion store today and in terms of design. We think this segment is interesting and now when we have a great partner too, we are ready to move on in this segment. As this is new for us we take it slow, but hopefully we are able to launch new products in the future.

Are there any further partnerships planned in 2015? Can you give us a sneak peek?
As always we like to surprise, so we say nothing. But you never know…

What’s the brand strategy for own retail and wholesale channels? Where do you plan to focus your attention in the near future?
We keep on expanding and we don´t communicate any new stores until they are signed. We are in a period where we are looking into how to make our store concept even better to be able to create even more excitement around our brand. This is our overall objective with the Cheap Monday stores. This also includes a visibility program for wholesale like corners etc. One of our most important initiatives for wholesale this year will be the US market. Since January we have our own set up and own show room in New York. So we will run the US market direct. We see a great potential in the world’s most important economy.

Does Cheap Monday plan to expand into new markets during 2015? 
Our plan is to grow more in depth in our existing markets where we still see a big potential for growth. We have partnered up with an agent in Turkey since a couple of months back and we are looking into finding a new distributor for the Russian market.