In the framework of its first quarter results 2015, Sporting goods brand Puma has revealed a strategy update that highlights distribution improvements, a new store concept and IT enhancements as some key company pursuits for this year.

In terms of distribution, Puma aims to intensify the relationship with key strategic accounts and also build new partnerships with retailers in all markets. For instance, the brand has continued its collaboration with Foot Locker and opened the first European Puma Lab at Foot Locker Milan last February. In addition, new locations have been added to the US portfolio in Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Parallel to this, the Herzogenaurach-based firm has already started rolling out its new in-store concept globally. After inaugurating the concept in Herzogenaurach last month, the implementation in the Hong Kong and Mexico City stores will follow. The new concept aspires to communicate better the technologies behind Puma’s products.

IT is also an area of strong focus for Puma this year, as the label aims to improve on areas such as standardized ERP systems — business management software used to collect, store, manage and interpret data from business activities like marketing, product cost or sales-, overall IT infrastructure and tools to enable more efficient design and planning processes.

In spite of a sales growth in 2015’s first quarter, Puma has scored lower operating results (EBIT), which has declined from €59 million to €38 million. As declared in a corporate statement, the brand adduces negative currency impacts as the main driver of the EBIT and net earnings decrease.