“Great! We have been waiting for hours. We love shopping. We are curious about the new store.”

Düsseldorf fashion victims went crazy for the new Primark store opening. Hundreds of shopping fans were passionately waiting hours before the official opening of the Primark store in Düsseldorf. The queue was much longer than the opening of Abercrombie Fitch on Königsallee in Düsseldorf two years ago. All shopping fans were present at Schadowstraße.
Primark knows how to impress people with cheap clothes presented in a nice and warm atmosphere. For Primark the opening was business as usual.

Breege O´Donoghue, Group HR & Business Development Director, welcomed the fashion community, staff and press in a proper and warm German speech. Her suit for the opening day cost approximately 50 Euro. For Breege O’Donoghue the opening is a very special event: “Düsseldorf is one of the most important fashion cities in Germany and the people here are really sophisticated. I am delighted that we have the chance to convince them with our offer and enrich the fashion landscape in Düsseldorf.”
Not only do customers profit from the new opening, but also 658 people now have new jobs at the store. Working for Primark means also living Primark. The store was decorated in a nice and cosy atmosphere and a special Christmas collection was an attractive eye-catcher. This is the moment all fashion fans in Düsseldorf have been waiting for: At 11 o’clock the new Primark store opened on the Schadowstraße. Now all citizens of Düsseldorf and visitors from surrounding areas can shop for anything their hearts desire and discover new things at the new 5,667sqm store. Fashion and amazing prices - the new fashion paradise makes wishes come true, because its offer, prices and quality truly surprise.

Directly after opening customers were enthusiastically selecting items. Within minutes huge shopping bags were filled with shirts, knitwear, jeans, jackets, shoes and accessories. Shoppers greedily and lustfully selected garments and left chaos on the shelves. Shopping for fashion as if you are shopping in a supermarket seems to make people happy.

Needless to say, sustainability and the value of clothing was not a hot topic in Düsseldorf on Tuesday. After successful Primark stores in Bremen, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Hannover, Saarbrücken, Essen, Berlin and Karlsruhe the new store in Düsseldorf is now the eleventh in Germany. The provider, subsidiary of ABF, provides over 260 Primark stores in Europe.
Illustration by Tatjana von Elverfeldt