After own investigations, fashion chain Primark claims that the tags found in two pieces of clothes in the UK with complaints of labor exploitation are “most likely” counterfeits and have been attached in the UK rather then at the production plant. In particular, the dress and t-shirt were purchased in 2013 at Primark’s store in Swansea. The controversy started last week, when a client discovered an additional tag on one Primark garment with the message “forced to work exhausting hours.”

Primark maintains that the labels come from the same source. “It is almost impossible to imagine circumstances in which such similar labels could have been sewn onto the garments at the factory where they were made, given that they were made by different suppliers, in different factories, on different continents, one in Romania and the other in India, thousands of miles apart,” a spokesperson said. Moreover, the Irish retailer points out that an exhibition of labels of a similar kind was held in Swansea, also in 2013. There, “visitors were encouraged to sew labels, using similar wording and appearance to the fake labels, onto clothing.”

Meanwhile, a note found on a pair of cropped trousers in Northern Ireland is still under investigation, as Primark wants to analyze whether there is a connection with the other two labels or not.