The 21st edition of China International Clothing & Accessories Fair, held in Beijing New China International Exhibition Centre, will take place from 26th to 29th of March.

More than 1000 brands from 19 countries and regions will exhibit in an area of 100,000 square meters. The theme for CHIC2013 is “Strong inside”. Enterprises should face the demand for market and industry development: making quality goods, stabilizing their business market, and creating new business models upon solid foundations, to create brand value.

The fair exhibits men’s wear and women’s wear, casual wear, leather, fur, down, children’s fashion, fashion accessories, and pure design.

Germany, France and Italy are strongly represented in the fair, and more than 400 international brands will take part in the fair. Turkey and Scotland are exhibiting for the first time.

“Let’s Denim Jeans Zone” in E2 Leisure Hall gives an overview of the research, development and manufacturing levels of jeans around the world. Junan, a district in east China, which supported by the local government, is being focused on as a key player in the development of Chinese denim. “The jeans enterprises of Junan will organize a group to participate in CHIC for the first time in 2013, involving 7 enterprises, covering 300 sq.m exhibition area.” said OU Yangde, chairman of Junan Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce, Shunde District, Foshan City. In addition to this, many international brands will exhibit there. “Let’s Denim Jeans Zone” will be headed by Tom Tailor from Germany and Lee Cooper from the UK.