During the recently closed Hyères 28th International Festival of Fashion and Photography, the fashion competition jury, headed by Felipe Oliveira Baptista, awarded Finnish Designer Satu Maaranen as winner of the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize for 2013, which carries a 15,000€ prize.

The international textile fair Première Vision (premierevision.com) has been working for three years alongside Hyeres, the famous festival of young fashion designers. In 2013 it strengthened its partnership further more by awarding the "Grand Jury Prize," which has since been renamed the “Première Vision Grand Jury Prize”.

“Can one dress in nature? Is it possible to design a collection that takes the surrounding landscape into account?" These are some of the questions raised by the prize-winner, a graduate of Helsinki's Aalto University, in her women's collection Garment in Landscape, which is inspired by land art, military prints and 1960s haute couture.

Maaranen's original and poetic vision of Haute Couture takes form as surprising mixtures of elaborate materials in subtle combinations of bright colours (orange, fuchsias, yellows, blues) and in earth tones (grass or fir-tree greens, mineral and sandy browns) as well as contemporized camouflage prints that are made entirely by hand.

True to the tradition of innovative design from her country, which is famous for its use of natural materials, Maaranen has a distinctive way of working unusual materials. Some fabrics such as silk, cotton or viscose might be modified with grass, sawdust or sand.

The prized designer's collection was created with the support of Première Vision. Every year - as it happened in 2013 - ten finalists of the competition are welcomed to the February edition of the shows of Première Vision, Expofil and ModAmont and are put in direct contact with exhibitors who express a desire to collaborate. From this the designers benefit from a privileged access to yarns, fabrics and trims from top international companies.