On 13 April, Premiere Vision brought Chinese fashion professionals together at a new event organized in partnership with Shanghai Fashion Week: Première Vision Live.

Industry insiders attended the master class dedicated to jacquards and the spring/summer 16 seminar presented by Sabine le Chatelier, Première Vision’s deputy fashion director. Guests discovered outfits by students from the fashion department at the University of Donghua, with which Première Vision established a close relationship in recent years.

The event also honored Chinese creativity with an exhibition dedicated to Chinese fashion designer Rachelle Jim’s eponymous label, with its emphasis on texture, structure and form.

Première Vision took advantage of this meeting with Chinese designers, exhibitors and press to present its Chinese name: 品 锐 至 尚 [pǐn ruì zhì shàng]. These four characters were carefully chosen to express the essence of Première Vision: selective materials, with a high level of taste, meaning that Première Vision events are essential fashion rendezvous, where industry professionals come together to share the latest news and ideas, and keep abreast of seasonal trends.

“The Chinese name marks another step in bringing us closer to Chinese designers, who are finding Première Vision more and more essential in their search for textile excellence,” noted Guglielmo Olearo, Première Vision’s international exhibitions director.

The debut of Première Vision Live marked the beginning of a new approach to the Chinese market, featuring an innovative concept to be unveiled in the coming months.