This season’s edition of Première Vision Pluriel was held in Paris from September 19-21 and registered a record number of 1,867 international exhibitors (up 9% compared to September 2011). Together they welcomed 60,716 professionals from all over the world (4% more than last year), with nearly 70% traveling from abroad.

The show’s more fabric- and fiber-focused events, hosted by Expofil, registered 46,266 visitors, 33,829 (73%) of which were foreign. The shows revealed a positive stability compared with the September 2011 edition (+ 0.2 %) and an increase of 6.9% when compared to February 2012.

All major markets were present and the European Union as a whole was stable. Even countries from Southern Europe, which are facing serious economic challenges and difficulties, maintained their attendance with a 0.6% increase from Italy, 0.2% decrease from Spain, and a 0.9% decrease for France. Denmark (+14%), Belgium (+9%) and The Netherlands (+4%) registered the most notable increases. To the East, Russia – which hosts Première Vision Moscow this week – continued its upward trend with an increase of 6%. Neighboring Ukraine registered an increase of 47% while Turkish visitors showed just a 1% increase.

In terms of overseas export countries, there was a resurgence of U.S. buyers. Now in 5th place among the top 15 international rankings, the U.S. once again saw an increase of 8% since last year’s show. Another key market area is Japan, which, despite a complicated economic situation, showed significantly higher results with an increase of 19%. The single disappointment in the Asian region was the decline in South Korean visitors (-23%), for which we have no explanation as of yet.

Alongside the major, mature markets, emerging ones continued to grow, in particular Russia (see above), China (1,646 visitors, +11%) and Brazil (555 visitors, +4%).