The last edition of Première Vision Pluriel held between 18 and 20 February 2014 has registered 61,641 visitors. The event hosted a six-show ensemble at the Parc d’Expositions de Paris Nord-Villepinte and was characterised by an energetic and lively atmosphere. It registered a growth in attendance figures, and a strong increase in business activity.

The February 2014 edition presented six selective, international shows (Première Vision, Expofil, Indigo, Modamont, Cuir à Paris, Zoom) all synergies in the textile business focused on services and creativity presented previews for s/s 2015. The show gathered together 1772 exhibitors from over 30 countries and included spinners, weavers, trim manufacturers, design studios, tanners and fashion manufacturers. It registered over 61,000 visitors (buyers, stylists, designers for fashion and accessories brands and heads of fashion companies) who came from 130 countries – a 5.5% increase in visitors (vs February 2013), of which 72% were international.

The major salons remain Première Vision and Expofil and registered 51,854 visitors, of which 73% were international, coming from countries such as United Kingdom (almost +13% of visitors vs Feb.13), Italy (+11%), Germany (+6%) and Spain (6%).

Attendance went sharply up reaching a +17%. The two shows gathered together 740 exhibitors at Première Vision (701 weavers, 20 knitters and spinners at Knitwear Solutions, and 19 workshops and craftsmen at Maison d’Exceptions). Expofil presented 40 spinners and fibre producers.