During the Fiscal Year 2012, the Porsche Design Group have increased their turnover. The Franchising business has grown by 52 percent, and the business with own retail has increased by 94 percent.
Extrapolated across all business fields, the group boosted its sales by 45 percent to 116.2 million Euro (2011: 79.8 million Euro).
The very young fashion collection is already the largest proportion from the own retail business. In the future the group is planning to focus on female customers. This has already begun with the launch of the first women's handbag “TwinBag” on the 1st of March.
Starting with the first own retail stores in China, the development in new markets will forthwith proceed. In 2012 Porsche Design opened new stores in Munich, Berlin and Hong Kong. Franchise stores were opened in Istanbul (Turkey), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Toronto (Canada), Salt Lake City, Houston (USA) and Mexico-City (Mexico).