US sneaker brand Pony will be sold in Europe by Baco Distribution, Milan-based distributor owned by Andrea Conidi and known for distributing top notch fashion and denim brands including 5Preview, Supertrash, Denham and Haikure.

Pony was born in Manhattan, New York, in 1972 by its founder Roberto Muller and was among the first sneaker brands to be worn on the streets, back then when sneakers were only worn while playing sports.

Pony was also among the path-opening brands to involve athletes as testimonials. Among them were Franco Harris and Dan Marino, US NFL football players, and Reggie Jackson of the New York Yankees baseball team.

Various NBA legends also wore Pony. Among them were Bob McAdoo, Cedric Maxwell and legendary Wilt Chamberlin, as well as unforgettable soccer champion Pelé, Italian players Giorgio Chinaglia and Paolo Rossi. Also boxing champion Muhammad Ali celebrated many victories in Pony sneakers.

Andrea Conidi, owner of Baco Distribution and European distributor of the brand, commented: "The distribution of Pony in Europe starts from Italy through a network of specialized agencies recognized for their know-how in fashion. The brand won’t be sold through specialized sneaker retailers but through high-end fashion stores. We will sell the historic, most iconic and most beloved by sneaker addicted models such as, for instance, "Top Star", "Pro Model" and "Slam Dunk". We will sell them at prices between 95€ and 130€ at retail. We are also considering to start offering limited edition styles characterized by special make-up and a selection of luxury sneakers that are already part of the collection.”