The Italian young and street-minded brand Plinsky is ready to grow internationally. The rebellious brand was launched for s/s 2014 during the June 2013 edition of Pitti Uomo. It is owned and managed by Consorzio IRL Group, a specialized young fashion company based in Roma Nord, operating since the beginning of the early 2000s.

While it will continue exhibiting at Pitti Uomo next June, it will also debut at the Premium show in Berlin this July. The brand is now sold at about 400 multibrand stores, most of them located in Italy. By spring 2015, the company aims to reach about 500 stores, also including, for instance, the Belgian, German and Northern European markets. Implementing this plan, the brand has recently signed a distribution agreement with a partner in Belgium.

The brand takes its inspiration from the movie “Escape from New York” radiating a rebellious and street-minded attitude. For each season, the label is also influenced by different street-sports such as, for instance, skateboarding or motor-biking and Parkour for s/s 2015. The label also organizes collective sports events, such as a skate-boarding contest, taking place at the Sasso Marconi Skatepark, one of the few but largest Italian skate-parks. The first event took place in June 2013, with the second one to return to the same location in June 2014.

The total look collection is aimed at men only and offers about 200 items, mostly printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and trousers, always featuring ironic motives. For s/s 2015, it will focus on floral prints and graphics reminding of the French Revolution. Plinsky also offers accessories such as flip-flops and sunglasses, which are complemented by skateboards. The brand is medium priced, ranging from €25-€35 for a t-shirt at retail, 90€-130€ for outer jackets and €65-€80 for trousers.