G-Star has a new team member. As disclosed today, music producer and pop-culture icon Pharrell Williams has become a co-owner of the Dutch denim brand.

Williams will render his creative input on different entrepreneurial levels, from collection development and campaign design up to the strategic direction of the company.
G-Star did not reveal in which way or to which extend their new co-owner took over shares in their business. Upon request, a spokesman said that there will be an event held by G-Star Raw and Pharrell within a few weeks where further details of this co-work will be disclosed.

G-Star and Pharrell have already worked together over the past two years, creating a total of four “Raw for the Oceans” denim capsule collections in cooperation with Pharrell’s company Bionic Yarn which recycles plastic bottles. 
„In context of our co-work with Pharrell Williams, we want to further live innovation by allowing Pharrell to test the limits in all segments of our enterprise – from the development of new product ideas and sustainability visions up to creating new brand experiences”, said Thecla Schaeffer, CMO G-Star Raw.

Pharrell announced his extended job role on Twitter earlier
Pharrell announced his extended job role on Twitter earlier