For its latest fashion cooperation Pepe Jeans London has teamed up with the University of Cambridge to launch the Cambridge collection, a collegiate set of casual menswear for spring/summer 2014.

“As a British fashion brand we are thrilled and honoured at being selected by Cambridge University to interpret their values into fashion collections, the first of which will be in stores from January 2014. Startlingly modest,  Cambridge University puts the education of its student body at the forefront, save for their academic brilliance, a student body not unlike millions of university students across the world, dressed for comfort, value and style," says Nish Soneji, Managing Director, Pepe Jeans Europe BV & International.

Taking its style cues from traditional university sports such as rugby, rowing and cricket, this first collection will features collegiate cardigans, easy-to-wear blazers, rugby-inspired polo shirts and T-shirts that bear the Cambridge logo.