This August will see the launch of a special edition of the Trinity 3E, a football shoe designed by Pelé Sports, sportswear brand of the legendary Brazilian footballer Pelé, in collaboration with SheOne, the alter ego of London artist James Choules. The shoe is inspired by New York City’s graffiti of the early 80s, which is reflected in SheOne’s signature brush strokes and black and white color scheme.

The revolutionary design also features tri-technology that increases speed potential, enables better play and activates muscle training, all made possible by the shoe’s combination of lightweight materials, unique support and innovative stud geometry. SheOne, who is used to working with complex installations, said of the project: “I am a football fan myself, supporting a certain London team that wears blue. The idea of translating my works onto the boots felt perfectly natural, as graffiti art was born on the subway trains of New York City, which carried the art through the five boroughs. I hope with this project we can carry it around the world.”