On March 19th, Peak Performance has launched their new digital campaign with the idea to connect virtual pop-up stores with the real world through GPS Data. The campaign reminds of the concept “geocaching”, where you can go treasure hunting. This time, adventurers can go for the hunt of Peak Performance stores, which only exist virtual with matching geographic coordinates.

Only if you find one of these hidden locations, places like a lighthouse on a small island, on the top of a mountain or a secret place in the middle of the city and only before sunrise or sunset, the stores will be open for adventurous shoppers, who can login under www.CatchMagicHour.com and shop the collection of the brand. The first explorer gets the chance to receive pieces of the collection for free. The virtual shopping-adventure will be available in 11 selected countries at certain places until the 12th of April.

“The magic hour is a beautiful time of the day. We want to motivate the people to live this special moment at fantastic and extraordinary places. In addition to that, the virtual pop-up stores give an extra stimulus to experience sunrise and sunset and build a bridge between the physical and digital world”, explains Robin Salazar, Online Marketing and E-commerce Manager of the brand.

In addition to the virtual pop-up stores, Peak Performance started a competition on Instagram using the Hashtags #catchmagichour and #peakperformance for the best moments captured in a picture.