Peak Performance is turning 30 this year, but instead of engulfing into a mid-life crisis the brand just presented an anniversary collection that confirms the older but wiser saying. Staged on a very futuristic setting, the campaign images exude coolness while the prevailing blackness of it reminds of Nike’s ACG collection, their sports line intended for urban environments –call it athleisure.

Design and technical innovation go hand-in-hand, as all pieces within the Peak Performance anniversary collection are constructed to be layered and work for high altitudes as well as city sidewalks. Key items are a bomber jacket whose liner is insulated with Aerogel technology –originally developed by NASA for zero bulk– and the Milan jacket, a ninja-like garment featuring a long silhouette, laser-cut vent holes for air flow, manufactured with Japanese Gore-Tex C-knit for durability. The Milan jacket was awarded Gold Winner at ISPO 2016. Besides, you can also find a trendy zip-neck knit sweater made of Italian Merino wool and the brand’s own take on sweatpants with extra volume and zipped bottoms.

“The collection is like a concept car, innovative and ground-breaking, except it’s actually ready to hit the streets, and in this case, also the mountains,” said Sofia Gromark Norinder, head of urban design.

The Peak Performance anniversary range will hit the stores and online next November 1st. Retail prices start at nearly €90 and reach their peak at €1,000.