Actor Patrick Dempsey is the new testimonial of the Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette, for the Titan Minimal Art by Silhouette model. The US actor is the protagonist of the ad campaign "An icon for an Icon" shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh which will be seen worldwide from March 2013 to October 2013.

The announcement was made yesterday in Milan during an event held at the end of Mido eyewear fair. Dempsey when interviewed explained how he started wearing eyewear recently especially in his leisure time when driving cars or playing sports.

Describe your own style.
I really love the classic lines and also modern designs, but at the same time, I like things that are comfortable.
I like something with a little edge but not too much of a statement in that the style is wearing you not the other way around. Fabric is a big thing for me, and the quality of the construction, and craftsmanship, that is really important to me. You really appreciate things more.

Looking at design what do you look for?
Something that you can’t take your eyes off, that you look at over and over again and keep re-discovering something, that’s what I like. When you find something and it gets deeper and deeper every time you look at it.

How do you take a break from your schedule?
Well cycling, I really love cycling, it’s a great way for me to calm down and stay in shape, it’s a great meditation. Car racing’s another thing I love doing, what it does mentally and physically. It calms me down and forces me to be outside of my comfortable place. It forces me to emotionally manage things going on in my life.

What things make life easier?
My iPhone, everything’s on my iPhone, my iPad. Technology is remarkable.

How do you find balance?
I constantly struggle to find balance. You’re always trying to find a balance, and when things get out of balance you can feel that and you need to guide yourself back to finding balance.

What does “an icon” mean to you?
Peter Lindbergh who shot these images, for instance, he is iconic, his images; they are classic images that capture a time, place, energy and feel like something that we immediately identify with.

Choose one big passion.
No I don’t think I could, there are several things that make it possible for me to exist and be happy getting old: activities such as cycling, car racing, family, all those make up my passions. I need to be doing all of them, without one thing I would be out of balance.

Are there any causes that you support?
Cancer. I think there is a strong need for people who are fighting cancer to have a centre that provides acupuncture therapy and helps them understand that they have a team around them. We are helping that person fight the disease and supporting them.

Patrick Dempsey was born in Lewiston in 1966. He is married to make-up artist Jill Fink since 1999. They have three children.