Leading outdoor brand Patagonia has just released a new capsule collection created from reclaimed or alternatively sourced fabrics. Called Truth to Materials, the seven-piece collection includes the following: a women’s undyed cashmere cardigan, a women’s reclaimed cotton crew, a women’s reclaimed woolen parka, a women’s reclaimed down scarf, a men’s undyed cashmere snap-T pullover, a men’s reclaimed cotton hoody and a men’s reclaimed wool jacket. Retail prices range from $99 for the scarf to $299 for the reclaimed wool items

“The clothes in this collection represent a deeper dive into the progress Patagonia has already made–with materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester–but with less dyeing and processing, fewer virgin resources and an even greater focus on craftsmanship,” says the company.

Patagonia sources its reclaimed wool from Calamai (Italy), reclaimed cotton from TAL Group (China), undyed cashmere from Mongolian goat herders and reclaimed down from Alabama Chanin (Alabama, USA).

In addition, brand ambassadors the Malloy Brothers have produced a limited edition book, Truth to Materials, to coincide with the launch of the new collection. It examines the sources of raw materials for Patagonia products and is currently available at Patagonia standalone stores.