Color expert Pantone launched its men’s apparel line Pantone Colorwear in the US by opening a pop-up shop at multibrand retailer Scoop at 875 Washington Street in New York’s Meatpacking District during New York Fashion Week last week. The shop stocks the new collection, which includes swimwear, polos, hoodies, jackets, cardigans and accessories in specific Pantone colors. Some items also feature a chameleon logo.

The shop’s multihued interior is characterized by an array of Pantone colors from front to back.

“Having been such a defining guide and inspiration in color for decades, this exciting new apparel line makes so much sense for Pantone to extend their color leadership into the fashion industry,” says Deepak Gayadin of Pantone Colorwear’s US arm, Empire & Branch. “We’re very excited to be launching Pantone Colorwear here in North America and proud to be doing so here in New York City.”

Pantone Colorwear is produced in Europe and executed in the US by Empire & Branch, a brand-building collective that specializes in bringing foreign brands to the US market.

The pop-up will be open for two months and another incarnation may appear in The Hamptons later this summer.