Los Angeles-based denim label Paige has launched its autumn capsule collection “Restored” for men, which is based on recycled materials.

Inspired by the earth’s raw ingredients like cotton, oil, coal and wood, the collection offers specially processed jeans, shirts and jackets such as the Coal Miner, Black Gold, Badger, Forge and the Buck Series.

“Over the past couple of years, we have taken significant strides to reduce our overall carbon footprint as a company. As designers, we have become extremely interested in investigating the different ways we can incorporate this eco mentality into the denim we create.” says founder and creative director Page Adams-Geller.

Constructed from melted down plastic bottles spun into wearable fibres, Badger is a modernized vintage wash jean. The Coal Miner is inspired by the industrial process of coal mining and has a gritty, raw texture from its wash process, which gives the illusion that they are covered in black dust. In addition there are men’s jackets that are spot-coated, giving the appearance that oil has been worn into its fibres over time.

The eco collection has been available since August at key retailers worldwide and at PaigeUsa.com