Without embellishment, inspired by jail – that is what the German label Haeftling stands for. To coincide with the relaunch of the label and the opening of its first shop in central Berlin, Germany, the brand also launched a new online store (haeftling.de).

Whether men’s wear or homewear, every piece has its own individual story, including for example, the striking prints drawn by inmates or the elaborate details of tattoo patterns.

The brand’s range is extensive, with Homewear including quality and unique chopping boards, knife-blocks, aprons and metal dishes, and even liquors made from pears, cherries, and damsons, which is produced in the Heidelberg prison, and coffee (a mild version and organic espresso, both of which are ground in the Huenfeld prison). Blankets and bedclothes are produced true to the prison originals for consumers “outside” and likewise, the menswear, which will be complemented by a women’s collection this summer, is a collection of quality, hard-wearing streetwear in prison-inspired designs.