Berlin’s Premium has had quite a successful season, warming up for its upcoming 10th summer anniversary issue with a presentation of a mix of newcomers and established brands from womenswear, menswear, denim, sportswear, shoes and accessories. The winter edition took place on 18-20 January and was again located at the station at Gleisdreieck across 23,000 sqm, showing about 800 brands and 1400 collections.

“We’ve even surpassed the results of last season. The attendance figures were tremendous and all of the important national and international retailers were here. At Premium, high fashion is presented and sales are generated at the same time. The s/s season 2013 will be even more exclusive with regard to the choice of collections and brand mix,” reported the organizers of the event, Anita and Norbert Tillmann.

A day ahead of the official fashion week schedule, Premium awarded the winners of their seasonal Young Designers Award, hosted at the F95 Fashion Store at Gleisdreick. After the award celebration, the organizers moved on to prepare for Day One of Premium Fair, starting the next day with sunny weather and very well-attended halls. “The newcomer talents are what form Berlin’s spirit. We always make sure to keep a balanced level of young and established designers at the fair,” commented Anita Tillmann.

The overall mood at Premium’s 19th edition was relaxed and optimistic with packed areas and booths. “We’ve again attained an additional 25% of new brands in Premium’s all-over concept to provide a fresh and up-to-date international brand portfolio. We've taken the right direction and have gotten even more grown up regarding content, quality and organization because we intensively invest in all those aspects.”

The event’s structure for the most part stayed the same, aside from Premium’s offshoot Seek moving to a new area at the Kühlhaus in immediate proximity of the station and Premium. “Seek has established itself within the shadow of its big sister and gained a new dimension to exist independently.”

Visitors appreciated the comfortable, yet professional work atmosphere, which also drew new exhibitors along
Visitors appreciated the comfortable, yet professional work atmosphere, which also drew new exhibitors along

Both buyers and exhibitors were satisfied with the assortment and traffic at the fair. Apart from opening their first European SLVR Store at Mulackstrasse during Fashion Week, the Adidas Brand also held an onsite booth. With Germany being amongst SLVR’s strongest markets, the brand has so far only exhibited at Premium Europe-wide - being represented through their own showrooms elsewhere. The brand's representatives criticized the overlap with Paris as a clear handicap for national and international buyers that were unable to attend.

Simone Chrystall, owner of i heart brand stated, “Traffic was moving very well, especially over the first two days. If you're looking for innovative, high-quality brands, Premium is the right place to be. So far, we’ve got quite a few good international contacts and buyers but it still doesn’t feel like enough and must be worked on. There were lots of Italians but Americans and Asians were missing, maybe due to the overlapping with Paris. As the fair is growing and getting better every season, it's also important to keep up in terms of organizational issues.”

Pia Eiling, marketing manager at Liebeskind Berlin adds, “We’ve been at Premium a couple of times and even extended our exhibiting space with an additional Press Showroom for special appointments and customer meetings. Since we stopped accepting new German customers half a year ago, we've been especially focusing on international clients. We’ve met lots from Italy, Austria and France. Last season we took on about 120 new clients and project similar results this time. For us it is very important to be present because we’ve also got our new clothing line to promote in its first season.“

“The goal for next season is to optimize high fashion and business down to the last detail.”
“The goal for next season is to optimize high fashion and business down to the last detail.”

Visitors especially appreciated the comfortable, relaxed, yet professional work atmosphere, which also drew new exhibitors along. „We’ve exhibited at Bread & Butter before and this is our first time at Premium. We switched locations as the brand made a new start and we wanted to give a different face to Blue Blood. We went in lots of different directions in the last years and came back to our core, which is denim. As we wanted to talk to the Premium segment we felt well-positioned at the Station but we haven't decided on the upcoming season yet. To be present is very important for us - we have three of our own stores – but the focus in wholesale. We made lots of appointments and also got new clients at the fair,” reported Daisy Mijnal, international marketing manager at Blue Blood.

Following a successful international kick-off, Premium continues its order business at Premium Order Düsseldorf from 4-7 February and Premium Order Munich from 18-21 February. With an eye toward the upcoming summer season, Anita Tillmann said, “The goal for next season is to optimize high fashion and business down to the last detail.”