Premium Exhibitions found a new location for a part of its shows taking place in Berlin from July 22-24. A former post goods station will host the main event Premium, the Salon Berlin and the new streetwear segment Premium Fire. The old location, the white tent at Leipziger Platz, will not be used anymore.

The new space, called The Station, was built in 1906 and provides two floors with a total of 25,000 sq. meters. ”We might only use the ground floor with almost 23,000 sq. meters for the different areas,” explains spokesperson Ralf Strotmeier. Premium’s shoe fair, To Shoe (to be held October 2-4), and other events will be located at The Station throughout the year.

Although the building is renovated, final work has yet to be done. However, Strotmeier vows, “We will be definitely ready in July.”

Premium will still use the tunnel at Potsdamer Platz for Premium+, the segment for designer and new luxury collections. “Of course, we will refurbish the tunnel to create a rather light and adequate atmosphere,“ Strotmeier says. And although The Station at Luckenwalder Straße is only a 10-minute walk away from the tunnel at Potsdamer Platz, Premium Exhibitons will provide a shuttle service between the two sites.

– Sabine Kühnl, Bureau Chief Germany