Anita Tillmann and Norbert Tillmann, the owners and managing directors of Berlin-based tradeshow Premium Exhibitions, have been awarded with the Order of Merit by the county of Berlin for their exceptional contribution to the city of Berlin. “Anita Tillmann and Norbert Tillmann stand for internationality but, at the same time, they are typical-Berlin down-to-earth at its best,” Klaus Wowereit, Berlin’s governing mayor, said during the award ceremony. “Their commitment is visionary but not over-the-top. They are economically successful but, at the same time, are involved in many social projects.”

As being the creative drive of Berlin Fashion Week and the founders of tradeshow Premium, Anita Tillmann and Norbert Tillmann have significantly formed Berlin’s reputation as being an international fashion metropolis. The two entrepreneur’s commitment in the fashion sector includes the support of young designers with the Young Designers Award, and the organization of industry-related workshops, symposia and events in their own event location “Station-Berlin”. Furthermore, their involvement in social projects, like “Straßenkinder Berlin” or “i-magine”, (an educational program to make adolescents aware of aids), show their dedicated contribution to the city of Berlin.