Exhibitors and international buyers at the Première Vision Pluriel shows in Paris contributed a stimulating atmosphere to the four-day event from Sept. 15-18. It was a promising shift despite the economic backdrop and its presence was felt across the six shows. Altogether the shows registered 55,758 visits from fashion professionals, an increase of 13.2% over the February 2009 show. New initiatives to highlight synergies between the different shows (an Interactive Map/Guide, the Pluriel Expert Trails) all provided buyers effective assistance, helping them to quickly find their bearings amid the some 1,600 exhibitors brought together at Première Vision Pluriel. “I think the designs of fabrics are more daring this year,” said Aurélie Bacquet, the men’s design manager for Montagut, China. Similar praise for the show's creativity was given by German designer Anja Gockel. “Première Vision is my guide, orientates me to find new creative ideas. It’s the most important value to survive,” Gockel said.

While companies are anticipating a recovery to help build their fall/winter 2010-11 collections, they continue to experience drastic reductions in travel budget and are sending reduced teams. Thus, Première Vision and Expofil registered slightly more than 39,200 visits from fashion professionals, a figure showing a very slight increase from the February show, but which remains down 11% from last September, before the financial crisis struck. International as ever, however, the shows welcomed professionals coming from some 100 countries. Meanwhile the four winning fabric houses of the first ever PV Awards were announced. The Grand Jury Prize 2009 was awarded to the Italian weaver, Ratti; the Handle Prize was awarded to Japan’s Showa; the Innovation Prize to Japan’s Iwanaka; and the Imagination Prize to Switzerland’s Jakob Schlaepfer.

—Isabel Mühlbauer