International textile show Première Vision has recently announced a change regarding its organization for North America with the founding of Première Vision Inc. The new office is located in the heart of Manhattan's fashion district and is lead by Thierry Langlais who has gained over 20 years of experience with commodity goods on the US market.

Première Vision Inc. replaces France Ligne managed by Laurence Teinturier that helped Première Vision grow in the US during the last twelve years. The newly created company will be responsible for marketing and promotion of both the Première Vision Preview New York salon (which recalled about 3,200 visitors (+7%) in previous July), as well as the Direction by Indigo.

The last edition of Première Vision recently ended in Paris, registered some significant results. Held on just three days for the first time, (Sep. 14-16), 61,440 visitors from about 100 countries were registered which is a plus of over 10% compared to the edition in September of 2009.

Première Vision and Expofil together registered over 42,000 visitors, 7.2% more compared to last year's edition. International visitors made up 73% of the overall audience. The number of European visitors has also grown slightly (+5%). American visitor numbers have remained stable with 1,700 visitors as did Brazil with 400 insiders. Significant growth was registered also from South Korea (+34.5%), China and Hong Kong (+11%), Taiwan (+69%) and Japan (+9.6%). Also countries of the Middle East were represented strongly this time with an increase of 22%.