Pool has left the parking lot.

The 15th edition of the Pool trade show (pooltradeshow.com), to be held February 12 to 14, will take place in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), adjacent to the MAGIC show.

The past two editions of Pool were held in a tent-like building erected on the Gold (parking) Lot of the LVCC. Prior to that, the show, which made its debut poolside at the Alexis Park Resort in 2001, was housed at Mandalay Bay.

The show’s organizers, including director of operations Mindy Wiener and the recently appointed show manager Stephanie Seeley, say that the intimate and indie-like vibe of the show will be maintained in the new location.

Pool is owned by Advanstar Communications, which also produces the MAGIC and Project shows.

Its most recent edition, in August, saw a 94% increase in buyer traffic compared to the August 2006 show.