Designers & Agents ( announced today its Green Initiative, while this August 27-29 in Las Vegas, the Pool tradeshow ( will launch a new area entitled s(eco)nd.

Pool, which runs in tandem with Magic and Project as a springboard for young and emerging brands, is forming s(eco)nd as a showcase for those who are pioneering a positive environmental and social impact. Calling environmentalism “THE issue of our time”, director of operations & creator of s(eco)nd Mindy Wiener believes it is only now the market is ready for such an initiative. “There is no doubt that businesses have become more aware and are implementing changes that are impacting the industry,” she asserts. “By introducing the thought that it only takes a second to change the world, s(eco)nd will allow us to take a [look] at how we do business and will encourage our audience to rethink their most basic day-to-day habits.”

The Designers and Agents Green Initiative, an enterprise of the D&A marketplace, will encompass the ideology throughout its show, raising the bar of green-thinking several notches higher. Debuting at its upcoming events (New York May 5-7 and Los Angeles June 8-10) it will feature fashion and lifestyle goods, energy efficient products, and educational materials promoting personal wellbeing and global sustainability.

In addition the company will be displaying a sustainable fabric archive, while reps from one of its partners Global Kinect, will be on hand to inform retailers of eco-friendly initiatives and green product launches. Recycling stations will be set up throughout the venue, biodegradable plates and utensils will be used for catering, and earth- and animal-friendly cleaning products will be used to service the event. In a mini yet meaningful gesture, bags of basil seeds will be available for a small donation to benefit Camp Hill Farm, a small, organic/biodynamic farm, learning center, and model project for conservation.

With such significant happenings in the tradeshow world reflecting one of the fastest growing and perhaps most inspiring trends in fashion, it appears that “eco consciousness” is finally en vogue and en mass.