Patricia Field has a new retail–and almost finished–home. At an in-store party filled with her extensive friend and fan base of fashion nonconformists, the legendary retailer, Sex and the City stylist and designer unveiled her new store on The Bowery in New York last night, a mere two doors, and street-address numbers, north from its previous location at 302 Bowery.

The dual-floor multilabel 4,000-sq.-foot (372-sq.-meter) boutique at 306 Bowery previously served as Field’s private apartment and workspace for the last six years, which she moved into, and completely gutted and renovated, after leaving her shop and live-above loft in the West Village in 2006.

When the apartment’s connecting building that faces Elizabeth Street, one block west, became available for sale last year, Field jumped at the chance to buy it and have the walls knocked down between the two structures to create a free-flowing retail space with dual-street entrances.

The store’s secondary entrance is now at 298 Elizabeth Street. The lower level, the former space of her bedroom and living room of what she called her “Barbie’s Dream House” is now an onsite hair salon.

Gorgeously rocking her signature artificial-on-purpose bright red hair (styled in cornrows yesterday) and dressed in a bright pink sequin top with equally bright Nike high-tops, Field said she still loves being a store owner. She told SI during an extended cigarette “break” last night, “There’s something what I call the truth of retail. People come into your store and if they see what they want they buy it and put their money on the counter. There’s no political correctness about it, there’s no: ‘Who do you know?’ In retail, the customer works for it, she sees it and she likes it. If she doesn’t like it she doesn’t buy it. And you can’t finesse it. I love that about retail.”

She also noted that her new private home/apartment, on the Lower East Side, will be inspired by an elegant but pared-down modern boutique-hotel suite. Unlike her impressive new store it is not quite ready so she is staying with a friend until it is.