Following the appointment of Bernard Mariette as CEO of Coalision Inc. (Orage & Lole), the company has made yet another significant addition to its team. Frenchman Pascal Aymar has worked for several sports companies for many years and gained valuable experience in strategic management. As Managing Director of Coalision Europe, Aymar will be responsible for the development of Orage and Lole in the European market. He succeeds Emmanuelle Du Noyer. Aymar has ambitious ideas for the Canadian skiing brand. For one, he is confident of its huge growth potential in Europe. In his opinion, Orage pioneered the free ski community, hence its growing importance in European trade. As for Lole, whose products have just started being distributed in the US, Aymar has not commented on the brand, but it is likely that the brand will launched in Europe to certain degrees of success.

—Helena Sauer