In French the period after the big holidays in August, when Parisians return to work, is called “la rentrée.” The period is typically weak for retailers because money was already spent during the holidays.

However, retailers have developed this year new marketing measures aimed at boosting shopping during this difficult period, as seen at the big shopping center, Forum des Halles.

The community of retailers, mostly mass-market oriented, has handed out to every customer a booklet of discounts valued at €300. Seventy-nine retailers of fashion, beauty, sport, mobile phone services and furniture and restaurants will offer reductions between 10 and 20%, or €10-15, on purchases from Aug. 22-Sept. 5.

Another example of clever marketing is at the famous, better-positioned department store Le Bon Marché, which kicked off on Aug. 29 an exhibition called “Paris-Los Angeles.”

On the second floor, which is normally reserved for art presentations, an homage to Los Angeles mixes in the landscape of L.A.’s streets and several multimedia art installations with smaller shop-in-shops of famous fashion, beauty and lifestyle products from the Californian city.

Customers can purchase, among a variety of items, jeans from Current/Elliott, kimonos by Bonnie Young, shoes from Jerome C. Rousseau and even vintage clothes from a shop in L.A. In addition, the exhibition’s curator Liz Goldwin was invited to designed the windows of the famed department store in the same theme, capturing the glamour, sun and evening feel of Los Angeles.

—Barbara Markert