Italian footwear brand Pantofola d’Oro (the "golden slipper" in English), which became popular for its soccer shoes in the 1950s, has launched a limited edition World Cup collection. The collection is a tribute to the traditional soccer shoe made from high-quality leather but with a stylish sneaker appeal to it. Surprising details such as gold laces, embroidered logos and the Italian tricolor flag adorn the shoes; meanwhile, the number 10 appears on the heel in reference to the World Cup and the year in which four-time world soccer champion Italy just might score another win. The special edition is available at stores in Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands for €129.95. In the spirit of the brand’s founder Emidio Lazzarini, who used to give a matching polo shirt to soccer players who wore his shoes, the brand will give away a free anorak with every purchase of the limited edition shoes.

—Susannah Carey