Last month, denim producer Orta hit Los Angeles, a city synonymous with premium denim, to celebrate the launch of their own, new line, Stripper Jeans. In keeping with the theme, the party took place at the gentleman’s club, Cheetah, Hollywood with Crazytown guitar player, Craig Tyler, DJing the event.

The Stripper Jeans are, after all, inspired by the pole dancing fitness craze. Stripper Jeans are meant to look and feel so comfortable that it’s almost as if you’re wearing nothing at all. The body-shaping jeans incorporate Orta’s Fitswell stretch denim, made for active lifestyles by day and sexy clubs by night.

Ali Bayramoglu’s capsule collection, using Fitswell Denim, created a sexy, comfortable fit for use on a pole or off. Orta’s high elasticity fabrics stretch and retain while the company’s duo-core yarns keep up the aesthetics.

The Stripper Collection and memorable Hollywood event brought together Orta’s fabric creations with the sexy, young look and shaking up the city’s denim status quo.