During the last edition of Denim by PV, Orta Anadolu has unveiled two out-of-the-ordinary social missions they will support in the near future – “Global Odyssey Eric Hill” for the launch of their Dare Denim and “Indigo Turtles” in collaboration with world champion free diver Sahika Ercumen.

Eric Hill's The Global Odyssey is a mission. Base jumper and socially conscious adventurer Eric Hill aims to visit all 194 U.N. recognized countries in world record time, film and document his exciting journey, while simultaneously raising funds and awareness in partnership with a variety of charity organizations. To help him in his rough journey around the world, Orta is dressing him with clothes made out of Dare Denim, a durable new textile that is made with environmentally friendly processes, and also guarantees high-tech properties such as durability, thermo-regulation, abrasion resistance, water-repellence and anti-bacterial resistance.

Hill will experience harsh climate extremes in both urban and natural environments while wearing Dare Denim protecting him from hot, cold, wet and dirty, while offering the perfect balance of comfort, style and endurance. His aim is to beat the tour of the world record in less than three years, three months and six days.
Orta Sahika Ercumen
Orta Sahika Ercumen

Şahika Ercümen is a world record holding free diver. Her deep passion for water sports inspired Orta to name her as the testimonial for their Protect Water Project, through which they support environmental NGOs and raise awareness about pollution and water scarcity. Ercümen is also working with Ekad NGO, an ecological research society, to help in the conservation efforts concerning a 110 million year old species of sea turtle, the Caretta Caretta, which has become endangered.

Ercümen’s involvement with Orta has also inspired the Aquaweave summer colour denim collection offering clean, premium (combed) base fabrics developed for a shiny and untarnished look. The offer of colours is wide and ranges from ocean blues to greens or pearl greys.