This is what a study ascertains, implemented by online fashion platform Zalando and the free coupons and discounts portal Deals, and carried out in Germany among 654 respondents between May and April this year. The results shed light on the behavior of Zalando shoppers and their preferences.

According to this research, the clients of the e-commerce site perceived the policy of receiving and returning their orders without paying shipping costs as the best advantage of the platform (51%). As a matter of fact, Zalando (and other famous companies like Amazon and Otto) showed disagreement with the introduction of a new EU consumer-right guideline in June, which wants to make customers pay for the return costs in future.

Secondly, differences between men and women could be found. Guys mentioned the quality-price ratio of Zalando’s assortment, while women valued the large product selection and fast delivery service of the e-shop. Taking a look at the different product categories, footwear is the most checked by customers (78%), followed by clothing. Here, further gender differences could be observed: women tend to look at the accessories section (17%), while men view sport products (14%).

Finally, the study asked respondents about Zalando advertising campaigns, especially about the company’s slogan “Schrei vor Glück” (yell out of happiness). The three words have as many opponents (24%) as supporters (26%) among the surveyed people.