The digital order platform Pop-Market is a global apparel b-to-b network. Owned by Global Apparel Network, its network consists today, 2 years after its creation in the US, over 50,000 buyers world-wide and over 450 brands, such as 7 for all mankind, Woolrich, Hunter, Dockers and Lee. The marketplace is generating over $2million a month in orders and finances itself trough the monthly fee, payed by the brands, not the buyers. Interview by Samira Mikhail

Please explain the concept behind Pop market a little. (When was it launched, how does it work, how is the ordering procedure taking place, what’s the advantage of the page…)
Pop-Market’s parent company Global Apparel Network, was the first player in the field when it created and patented a tool for the industry called Visuality more than a decade ago. It was designed to help brands, retailers and designers communicate around visual information: everything from product design to visual merchandising and wholesale.
Visuality’s brand customers have been using it as a tool with buyers to share new products and collections (and buyers to place orders) for years. What Pop-Market did when it launched last year was to unite the existing network of buyers — many thousands of them — into a marketplace where brands and buyers can discover each other.

How it works.
How it works.

What’s the idea behind the concept and why did you decide that starting the page would be a good idea?
See above. We had many requests from our retail users for a true marketplace offering that they could shop 365 days a year.

How many brands do you currently have? And how many products? What sort of retailer are your main users?
About 400 brands currently use our platform with over 75,000 products currently available.  Thousands of specialty boutiques across the world use POP-Market as well as larger retailers such as Nordstrom, Barneys and Harvey Nichols and online retailers such as Amazon and Zappos to name a few.

How do you get in touch with the brands?
We market to brands we want to participate. In addition our buyer network can invite brands through our platform; we then approach these brands with our wholesale automation services to show them how they can reach many thousands of additional buyers.

How it looks.
How it looks.

On what fairs apart from Premium in Berlin will Pop market be present?
We have several US based partnerships in the works and will release news about these exhibitions before the end of the year.

What does a brand or seller need to be accepted to introduced to the Pop market portfolio?
Brands are vetted and must have an active distribution of retailers to be considered for Pop-Market. We also offer an emerging brand program that enables young designers an opportunity to develop their business by utilizing our professional platform that includes mentoring with best practices as well as brand promotion.

How important is the social media / community aspect for your website?
As the pioneers of this online space for wholesale, we have a tremendous community of supporters as well as knowledge and experience that help our customers grow their businesses online. We feature customer interviews providing meaningful stories that inspire other brands about how they are transforming their businesses with the support of POP-Market..

What have been the biggest challenges of running the site so far? And the greatest joys?
Our biggest Joy has been in mentoring wholesale brands through our industry leading best practices and seeing them transform the way they sell and reduce their selling costs, using Pop-Market.
On the retail side, seeing retail buyers cross-over in our marketplace starting by browsing to buy for example, women’s collections, but then discovering new products in accessories and Jewellery they are interested in.
We also are excited to see the improved collaboration of larger retailers who share their picks with their merchandising teams internally to make their business easier. Our buyer marketplace is a culmination for over a decade of experience developing tools that matter for retail buyers.