Olah Inc., the New York–based global textile and apparel development and marketing firm that focuses on denim and produces the Kingpins trade show, will soon collaborate with Prosperity Textiles, a Chinese denim mill with a capacity of 5 million yards of denim per month.

Olah Inc. will work with Prosperity Textile to develop state-of-the-art product and build upon the mill’s foundation of sustainable practices in sourcing, wash development and resource management.

“Prosperity is the best denim mill in China,” says Andrew Olah, chief executive of Olah Inc. “Not only are they a large mill but Prosperity’s values in new development, sustainability, sustainable cotton and laser technology make them the perfect collaborator for Olah. Prosperity understands the way the future of our industry will unravel. That means they understand and have their hands around the ideas of global product development, wash developments using entirely sustainable process and a company mission to be part of all new provocative technological developments throughout our industry on all levels from fiber to manufacturing equipment.”

The partnership will take effect on October 1, 2013. It comes as a 25-year collaboration between Kurabo China–the Chinese denim division of the Japanese corporation Kurabo Industries–and Olah concludes. “We enjoyed a long and successful collaboration with Kurabo China and will bring that same level of dedication to excellence to our new Chinese partner, Prosperity,” Olah says.

Olah Inc.'s collaboration with Kurabo's Japanese denim and textiles will continue, however.