Interview by Lorenzo Molina

A classic struggle ladies might come across whenever there is a wedding to attend: once the dress is chosen, one can’t find the right clutch for it. After tireless strolls, the young entrepreneurs and close friends Alina Erdmann and Afsoon Alipour decided to create one by themselves. Apart from an anecdote, the concept for a business was born, as Erdmann and Alipour thought that probably other women might have the same exact problem. In March 2015, Oh My Clutch went online as a platform where women can choose among three different clutch models made of calf leather to customize according to their individual preferences. Customers can select online the size, color, clasp, strap and applications such as fur, prints, bows or fringes. Prices range from €130 to €300 and the product is manufactured by hand in a traditional manufacture in the Allgäu region (Germany). Only a few months ahead of the launch, Alina told us about their target group, bestselling clutch models and the novelties to look out for in 2016.

Who’s your target group?
Women from the age of 30 who are self-confident fashion lovers and take care of their appearance.

You sell three different clutch models (Slitch, Folio, Evilope) – which one is selling well?
Slitch and Evilope are the most popular models.

What about prints and fur? What is currently trending among your customers?
Our customers prefer fur and fringes as an individual design.

Customization is an ever-growing trend. Why do you think it is successful?
We think it is because many people are looking for individuality, products that distinguish them from the majority of our society.

How many orders did you deliver since Oh My Clutch’s foundation?
We delivered approximately 80 and there are more in production, waiting for delivery.

In your opinion, what’s special about Oh My Clutch?
It is very unique that you can choose between different types of clutches and applications. Also the fact that we have high quality leather with really special embossing.

What plans do you have in the pipeline for 2016?
We are going to have a really cool metallic royal blue, a rosé and grey tone leather. Inspired by our bestselling model Slitch, we have a new model that is also a fold over clutch but with a different look. A new second model will be a classic pouch. So our website will be worth a visit!

Afsoon Alipour and Alina Erdmann
Afsoon Alipour and Alina Erdmann