US streetwear brand Obey has just launched a collaboration with photographer Glen E. Friedman.

Friedman is known for having shot some memorable photos of the skateboarding, punk-rock and hip-hop scenes over the last 30 years. His work includes album covers for the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and Suicidal Tendencies. He also portrayed Minor Threat, Bad Brains and the DC Scene. He took pictures of Tony Alva and the Dogtown crew in back yard pools as they changed skateboarding. 

Over the years Glen and Shepard Fairey, graffiti artist and founder of Obey, have collaborated on a number of projects that were usually never available on apparel. Now Friedman has released a new book, “My Rules”. Four works taken from this book are now featured in a special capsule collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts and are currently sold through some selected stores worldwide. The four works chosen for this collaboration portray Tony Alva of the Dogtown crew, Henry Rollins of the Black Flag, political activist Cornell West and hip-hop world’s Public Enemy.