At Bread & Butter, Orta Anadolu has launched Alchemy One, a range of sustainable denims as part of their Orta Blu offer of sustainable fabrics.

These fabrics are treated with special machines that totally recycle chemicals into new employments. In addition, almost no water is used for treating these fabrics. The final result are soft touch and easy-to-abrase denims that show strong blue and white contrasts.

The new product launch was presented in a setting reminding of an alchemist's studio populated with witches and wizards, and boiling alembics and ampoules experimenting the search for the “perfect" denim of the future. Completing the presentation, there were two series of denim items treated by denim consultants Piero Turk and Antonio Di Battista. The presentation of the concept was devised by New York-based Kodezero, the multimedia production company founded by artist Paololuca Barbieri and photographer and film maker Luca Babini.